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I'm a web developer based in London, Ontario with experience in WordPress, Concrete5, SilverStripe, and HTML email templates. I have experience working with a diverse clientele ranging from barbers to corporations. This portfolio is meant to display my past projects, experience, and education.

When I'm not developing anything I enjoy reading history literature, watching an abundance of television shows, watching/playing/coaching sports, and playing Xbox.

Feel free to contact me at any time.

Freelance Portfolio

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Where you currently are! I created this portfolio to showcase my work and to keep track of projects and education experiences I complete along my journey. As it was the most recent at the time of creation, I also wanted to get more in depth with PageSpeed insights. I aimed for green scores with my other sites, but this page often scores 98+ for both mobile and desktop. Pretty neat!



TindAR is a prototyped augmented reality version of the most popular mobile dating app - “Tinder”. This video shows both a mobile screen recorded video, and a video taken in real time which both illustrate the functionality of the application. View the project on GitHub below and read the readme file for a product overview writeup.

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Footwork Orthotics


This was mainly a WordPress theme development project. The theme was applied to three other sites, but functionality remains the same. These websites generate leads (approx. 15/month) which are emailed to a receptionist and tracked in a spreadsheet.

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Underground Barbershop


This was my first freelance project as I was just learning about web development. The website is built off of WordPress and links out to a booking service used to manage appointments at the shop and is a one page informational resource.


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Freelance Web Developer

September 2017 - Present

  • Developed multiple WordPress custom templated websites for a company spread across Canada which produces over 15 natural leads a month in a very niche market
  • Worked with a SEO specialist and implemented proper SEO strategies to generate more visits/leads while also getting better search engine index rankings
  • Worked directly with business owners and sat down with them to ensure constant communication and proper execution
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Junior Web Developer Co-op

January ‑ May 2017 / September 2017 ‑ January 2018 / May ‑ August 2018
  • Lead development on a Concrete5 build for a persistent client
  • Lead development on a SilverStripe upgrade and website makeover which included implementing ground work for an eventual nine language site
  • Lead developer for any email marketing needs including HTML email templates and signatures that worked on majority of email providers
  • Worked directly with the helpdesk to perform fast paced support requests from clients whilst juggling ongoing development on larger projects
  • Created training videos and presentations for handoffs which onboarded clients and taught them how to use different Content Management Systems that were developed
  • Created internal documentation which outlined over 90 ongoing development clients and status reports of each external service the company was using


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Fanshawe College

Computer Programmer Analyst Diploma

6th Semester Dean's List
Graduated: December 2018
  • Object Oriented Programming with Java & C++
  • Relational Databases & SQL
  • Web Design
  • Android Mobile Development
  • Web Applications & Technologies (React)
  • Java Client/Server Applications (Angular)
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Fanshawe College

Protection Security & Investigation Diploma

Graduated: April 2015
  • Risk Management
  • Private Investigations
  • Information Security
  • Criminal & Civil Law

Additional Education

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SSL Installation and Configuration
February 2019
  • Cloudflare
  • Origin/Edge Certificates
  • Redirects
  • Mixed Content


Want to work together, or just say hi? Reach out!

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